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School of Accounting and Finance

Updated: August 17, 2023

School of Accounting and Finance was established in 2021 and currently has 68 teachers, including 14 senior lecturers and 34 lecturers. Among them, there is one Outstanding Teacher in South China, one Outstanding Individual in student work in Guangdong higher education institutions, and two provincial Outstanding Class Advisors. Our teachers have served as chief editors for one textbook of the 13th Five-Year Plan of the Ministry of Education and one textbook of the provincial 14th Five-Year Plan. They have also won one provincial first prize in the National Vocational College Skills Competition Teaching Ability Competition.

The School offers four programs: E-commerce, Big Data and Accounting, Big Data and Financial Management, and Financial Services and Management. It has been designated by GTCFLA as a distinctive specialty group in the colleges 14th Five-Year Plan aimed at the major strategic goal of “strengthening Guangdong through trade”. Our teachers have coached students to win one second prize in the “Challenge Cup - Rainbow Life” National Vocational College Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and two special prizes in the provincial Challenge Cup Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

The School possesses provincial off-campus practice bases, production-education integration training bases for E-commerce and Smart Finance and Economics as well as 16 stable off-campus internship and training bases. It has also established training rooms for e-commerce live streaming and short video production, network marketing, integrated information technology for industry, finance, and taxation, financial cloud sharing services.

Relying on the resources from industries and enterprises such as Anonsuo Smart Technology, Blue Moon, Vipshop, Yatsen Global, Guangdong Gold Accountant, Xiaoli Enterprise Steward, and Guangzhou Jinzheng Accounting Firm, the School has formed a lecturer group of enterprise CEO and established an advisory board for professional development to provide conditions for students’ internships, training, entrepreneurship, and employment.

Group photo of faculty members

The team winning the provincial silver prize in the 13th Challenge Cup” Guangdong Students’ Entrepreneurial Plan Competition

Students winning the second prize in the 2022-2023 Provincial Vocational College Students’ Professional Skills Competition for Internet Live Marketing

Students wining the third prize in the 2022-2023 Provincial Vocational College Skills Competition for Accounting Skills

School-enterprise cooperation with Guangdong E-commerce Association

School-enterprise cooperation with Guangzhou Heniyi Financial Consulting Co., Ltd.

Accounting majors at the Canton Fair

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