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School of Arts Education

Updated: August 17, 2023

Established in July 2020, School of Arts Education serves as an executive member of Chinese Higher Education Committee for Aesthetic Education and the deputy director of Guangdong Students Sports and Arts Federation. Its Music Education, Fine Arts Education, and Dance Education programs are listed as a provincial high-level specialty group, and the programs of Arts Education and Physical Education are newly established national controlled programs.

Currently, the School has 71 full-time and part-time teachers, including 13 with senior professional titles, one hosting a provincial “Double-titled Famous Teacher Studio”, one provincial Teaching Master of “National High-level Talents Special Support Program”, one provincial leading figure in vocational education, two with the honorary title of “March 8th Red Flag Bearer” , and one Outstanding Teacher in South China.

Tasked with cultivating arts education teachers for children aged 3 to 12, and with its motto of advocating virtue-oriented and art-centered aesthetic education”, the School innovates a talent cultivation model featuring the integration of “curriculum, exhibition, and service” as well as of creation, performance and teaching”. Based on the social arts education service projects at the provincial, municipal, and district levels, the School focuses on developing students’ comprehensive abilities in artistic creation, performance, and teaching, as well as fostering high-quality arts education teachers who can “stand on the podium and shine on the stage”. The employment rate of graduates in the past three years has been over 98%, and the satisfaction rate of graduates towards their alma mater has reached 96%. Its distinguished alumni include Cai Qiaozhong, President of Xinghai Conservatory of Music, and Wang Zhaoxia, Vice Dean of School of Music of South China Normal University.

In recent years, our students have won 16 awards in competitions including National Vocational College Skills Competition and National College Student Art Exhibition and Performance. Teachers have received 35 awards in the National Vocational College Skills Competition Teaching Ability Competition, the Provincial College Arts Education Teachers Teaching Ability Competition, etc. The original song and dance Homeland has been performed in South Korea, the United Kingdom, and Spain, showcasing excellent Lingnan culture to the world.

Chasing Dreams winning the first prize in the “National College Student Art Exhibition and Performance”

Performance of Sailing Dreams in the Greater Bay Area in Guangdong Provincial Excellent Art Exhibition and Performance Tour

Artworks exhibition of teachers from School of Arts Education

Cantonese opera-style children’s play Gift selected into the “2022 Guangdong Provincial Elegant Arts Entering Campus Project”

Original children’s dances winning ten gold medals and one silver medal

Children’s play Mystery Feather featuring general education entering primary and secondary schools

Performance of the original song and dance Homeland in Spain

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