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Study Abroad Programs for Undergraduate and Master's Degree

Updated: October 26, 2023

Bachelor's Degree Program: Students who study abroad for 1-2 years after graduation from Guangdong Teachers College of Foreign Languages and Arts can receive a bachelor's degree after completing the credits.No general examination is required, and by application only.

Master's Degree Program: Bachelor's degree for self-education is acceptable, and students undergo a related Master's program overseas for 1-2 years after application.

Major cooperative universities and colleges abroad:

1. Tokushima Bunri University

Founded in 1895 and opened its university department in 1966, Tokushima Bunri University, the 120-year-old private university, is the largest kindergarten-to-college educational institution in Western Japan. There are two campuses in Tokushima and Kagawa offering university, master and doctoral programs.

Majors: Advertising Design, Architectural Design, Music, Electronic Information Engineering, Preschool Education, British and American Culture,etc.

2. Chikushi Jogakuen University

Chikushi Jogakuen University was established in 1976, as the largest vocational education unit in Japan, it offers more than 500 majors in 10 leading industries. With the goal of cultivating talents to meet the needs of society and enterprises, the University employs first-rate professionals active in the front line of various industries to be our teachers, and the University works with enterprises to cultivate talents with the latest technology and skills.

Majors: Related Majors: Medicine, IT, Animation and Games, Industrial Design, Preschool Education, Music, Dance, Actor-Entertainer, Film, Video, Nutrition, Japanese and English Translation, etc.

3. Busan University of Foreign Studies

Located in Busan, Korea's famous port city, this university is a comprehensive university specializing in foreign languages and business. It has 5 colleges and 26 departments, including the College of English, Japanese and Chinese, the College of Global Human Convergence, the College of Global Business, the College of Creativity & Convergence and the College of IT. As the foreign language university that teaches the most languages in Korea, it has established 48 foreign language regional studies programs. It not only invites foreign professors, but also has the highest level of foreign language education facilities such as satellite broadcasting facilities with 43 channels from 18 countries, multi-media classrooms, and an e-learning center.

Majors: Business English, Japanese Language and Culture Information, Business Japanese for Hotel and Tourism, Spanish, Korean Education, Computer Software,etc.

4. University of Ulsan

Founded in 1970, this university has an excellent teaching environment andadvanced facilities. It provides theoutstanding students with the opportunity to do internships inbig companies such as Hyundai, SK, KCC, etc. to improve their overall quality. According to the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST), the University of Ulsan has been ranked as one of the top universities in Korea in terms of employment rate for five consecutive years.

Majors: Accounting, Fashion Design, Preschool Education, Computer Information and Communication, Voice, Piano, Orchestra, Product Design, Digital Design, Interior Design, etc.

5. Birmingham City University

It is not only one of the UK's modern, comprehensive public institutions of higher education, but also one of the top three schools in the Birmingham area. The “Flagship Campus” of Birmingham City University in the city center represents the most up-to-date and modern campus for a UK university. For two consecutive years, it has been ranked as one of the “Top 10 Investments in UK University Facilities”.

Major: Preschool Education, Elementary Education, Education Management, Art and Design, Fashion Design, Film and Animation Design, Music, Music Performance, Music Multimedia Production, Pop Music, Business, Computer, Multimedia, Engineering, Architecture, and Law and so on.

6. The University of Northampton

This historic university, renowned for its rigor, offers more than 100 majors ranging from pre-university to doctoral. After signing the co-operation agreement with the University in 2010, our graduates can apply to study undergraduate programs at the University and receive a Bachelor's Degree from UoN after one year of graduation. Students may also pursue postgraduate studies after graduation. Under the agreement, students with excellent grades may be granted certain scholarships or tuition fee waivers.

Majors: Advertising Design, Management, Marketing, International Business, Human Resource Management, Dance, Fashion Design, Illustration Design, Interior Design, Education, Preschool Education, School of Elementary Education, etc.

7. Whitireia Community Polytechnic

Established in 1986, it is a New Zealand government-owned state tertiary institution, and all programs are approved and recognized by the New Zealand Education Qualifications Authority (NZEQA). It is ranked the 3rd among the 19 institutes of technology and polytechnics in New Zealand. Our mutual recognition of credits in four majors of art education, art design, music education, and performing art are approved by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education, thus the "3+1" Mutual Recognition of Credits Project between our two schools was officially introduced into the admission catalogue of the National Higher Education Entrance Examination for the continuous study of junior college and undergraduate courses in 2015.

Majors: Music Performance, Performing Arts, Visual Arts Design, Applied Arts, Preschool Education, Marketing, Finance, Hospitality Management, Information Technology, etc.

8. SEGi University

Established in 1977, SEGi University is a comprehensive university with a long history in Malaysia, specializing in 20 faculties including business, medicine, humanities, education, hospitality and tourism, arts and design. It offers more than a hundred programs of degree (including doctoral degree) and professional diploma, including bachelor's and master's degree programs from renowned universities in the UK, US and Australia, with credits transferable to the UK, US and Australia for further studies and internationally recognized academic qualifications.

Majors: Marketing, Business Administration, Human Resources Management, Accounting, Business Management, Multimedia Design, Visual Communication Design, Interior Architectural Design, Hospitality Management, etc.

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