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Chinese-Foreign Cooperation Program

Updated: October 26, 2023

The Chinese-Foreign Cooperation PrograminPre-school Education organized by Guangdong Teachers College of Foreign Languagesand Arts (GTCFLA)and Birmingham City University (BCU) was approved by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education (GDDE) and filed by the Ministry of Education in 2018,makingit the first unit for the "3+0" program of Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Pre-school Education in Guangdong Province. The program washighlyrecognized by the GDDE for its high quality of operation, and was therefore approved by the GDDE for the second time in 2022 and filed by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China.

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The program is dedicated to developing professionals with cutting-edge expertise in preschool education, who not only have an international outlook and mindset, but also possess a strong work ethic, strong intercultural communication skills, and a strong capacity for sustainable development. The program has been welcomed by students and parents since it launched the enrollment in 2019. The program achieves a hundred percent of admission target each year with a high registering rate. The high quality of graduate results in high employment and job-major matching rates.

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The program has a strong teaching team composed of professional leaders and full-time teachers from both China and UK. Adhering to the principle of hiring teachers with "good foundation in English, sufficient teaching experience and overseas experience", the program is equipped with a high-level dual-teacher teaching team for the core courses of the program.

The curriculum system of the program is based on a combination of the "4+1" curriculum system model of our university, which consists of "Basic Quality Course + Vocational Core Competence Course + Professional Basic Course + Professional Core Course" and "Professional Development Course", as well as the curriculum of BCU. In addition, in order to guarantee the practical teaching of the students in this program, our Academic Affairs Department and faculties of college provide the students with kindergartens that have a good cooperation basis and are convenient for scheduling, thus helping the program to successfully implement the practical teaching model learnt from the British side, in which the centralized internship replaces the decentralized internship. Students in the third semester go to the kindergarten one day a week to carry out educational apprenticeships and internships, which helps them to combine theory and practice in a better and timely manner.

The program is equipped with advanced teaching equipment, and the classrooms used for lectures are all multimedia classrooms. It has 14 on-campus simulation training rooms and the on-campus practical training teaching platform that integrates the functions of basic skills practical training, comprehensive practical training and professional practical training, which can fully meet the on-campus practical training needs of the program.

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