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School of Basic Education

Updated: August 17, 2023

School of Basic Education was established in July 2015, with “Guangdong Foreign Language Normal School” as its predecessor, which was founded in 1978. It is recognized as a model school of provincial English Education Specialty Group, a World Bank loan-supported base for training rural primary school general education teachers and an organization for constructing provincial community of practice in the teaching application of education informatization. It also boasts the provincial reform project of excellent teachers training program and the provincial high-level Primary Education Specialty Group. Adhering to the educational philosophy of cultivating exemplars of moral character and scholarly pursuit, the School features nurturing students with solid academic foundation, practical skills, and humanistic and aesthetic qualities.

Currently, the School has 50 full-time teachers, including 6 professors, 17 associate professors, and 6 PhD degree holders. Many of them have been awarded prizes and honorary titles, including one Provincial May 1st Labor Medal Winner, one Outstanding Teacher in South China, one Provincial Teaching Master. Moreover, the School boasts one national first prize of Teaching Achievement Award, three provincial prizes of Teaching Achievement Award, 22 provincial awards of Teaching Competitions as well as one Provincial Excellent Teaching Team.

The School offers four programs: Primary School English Education, Primary School Chinese Education, Primary School Math Education, and Primary Education (General Education). It has over 2,000 full-time students of both vocational education program and undergraduate program. Graduates achieve a 98.14% initial employment rate and 71.49% enrolment rate of top-up degree program.

The School has built three main on-campus training bases: General Education Training Base, Primary General Education Aesthetics Training Base, and Teacher Education Training Base, with a total of 36 training rooms and an average equipment value of 17,400 yuan per student. Additionally, the School has also built 160 off-campus education internship bases and two provincial off-campus practice bases.

Moreover, the School has established the “Future Education Industry College” and carried out extensive cooperation with 165 industries and enterprises, including Guangdong Association for Continuing Education, various primary and secondary schools and training institutions in Guangdong province, Beijing Guorentong Education Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Yanmi Culture Communication Company, and Zhuhai Yizi Technology Co., Ltd. The cooperation has been conducted in the areas of project training, talent training, teaching and research, teaching staff team building, and the development of 1+X certification.

Award Ceremony of the Normal College Students Skills Competition

Establishing the educational philosophy of cultivating exemplars of moral character and scholarly pursuit

Students winning the second prize in the National Competition for Skills of Vocational Education

Students self-writing and performing English drama Mulan

Students staging joint performance of story-telling and sketching

Students demonstrating versatile skills

Calligraphy class

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