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School of Music and Dance

Updated: August 17, 2023

School of Music and Dance was established in September 2015. The Performing Arts Specialty Group is in the first batch of provincial high-level specialty groups, a key specialty group of provincial Double-High vocational college and in the first batch of provincial key programs. In the 2023 Golden Apple National Ranking of Vocational Colleges in the Performing Arts Category, the two programs of Music Production and Song and Dance Performance ranked first in the country; the College ranked top 4% nationally in the vocational colleges of the Performing Arts category; Dance Performance Program ranked top 7% nationally; and Music Performance Program ranked top 11% nationally. The Schools comprehensive strength in talent cultivation ranks top in the country, and it has over the years cultivated outstanding graduates such as Yu Haoming, Zhuang Zheng, Fang Songping, etc.

Currently, the School has 67 full-time and part-time teachers, including 12 with senior professional titles, 2 professors and one Outstanding Teacher in South China. In the past three years, the faculty members have won various awards and honorary titles, including five national prizes, ten provincial prizes, and 20 provincial and higher-level honorary titles. 19 full-time teachers have participated in provincial and higher-level teaching competitions, with 14 of them winning the first prizes in the provincial competitions or prizes in the national competitions. Overall, the School has consecutively won the first, second and third prizes in the National Vocational College Skills Competition Teaching Ability Competition, making it a pioneer of teaching reform in the vocational colleges of the Performing Arts category

Currently, the School offers seven programs, including Music Performance, Performing Arts (Traditional Chinese Music direction), Dance Performance, Music Production, Song and Dance Performance, Stage Design and Production, and Recording Technology and Arts. It has a provincial-level on-campus training base for music performance and computer music as well as more than 140 teaching and training venues, including college-level song and dance incubation training bases, music halls, lighting and audio training rooms, etc. In the past six years, our students have won 19 national awards and 64 provincial and higher-level awards and prizes, including 37 first prizes. Graduates in the past three years have achieved an employment rate of over 98% and excellence rate of 100%. The four indicators of initial employment salary, profession relevance, job satisfaction, and career expectation are higher than the national average level.


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